Fortop-Digital Affiliates Plan

We provide webmasters the opportunity to advertise, promote and sell our products to their users and visitors, and earn up to 40% of each sale they make! Be one of us!

Company Name: Fortop Digital Software

RegNow ID: 17284

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?
  • 100% guaranteed payouts

    We partnered with RegNow, the global provider of trusted e-payment systems for affiliates. You can be 100% sure to get money from your sales tracked.

  • 100% tracked custom build

    We just brought out the robust and awesome affiliate engine which will automatically create a unique trial product for each affiliate to download, your affiliate ID will be permanently embedded in the program other than being included in the file name, thus ensure 100% of the leads drove by the affiliate will be recorded.

  • Up to 40% commission

    Earn 40% commission for every sale through your affiliate link. Join us and start making money!

  • How dose Affiliate system work?
    There are two methods for you to use our affiliate system:
    1. Use affiliate tracking system of Fortop Digital (recommended)

      The download link is: (replace 1234 with your RegNow ID)

      If the customer clicks the link, we will write a cookie to his computer. In the subsequent 30 days, when the customer opens the purchasing page, We will show the RegNow purchasing link.

    2. Use Custom Build system of RegNow

      The download link is: (replace 1234 with your RegNow ID)

      If the customer clicks the purchasing link inside of the software, the software will open the RegNow purchasing page. But if the customer visits directly our website and buys the software, he will get a page without RegNow purchasing link. Then you will lose this customer and the commission. So we seriously suggest you to use the first method of affiliate.

    Our Products
    Your RegNow ID:
    Product Name Version RegNow ID Commission PAD File Download Link
    Fortop Album Creator 1.9 Build 81212 17284-1 40% PAD
    Win7 Shared Folder Icon 1.0 Build 100227 PAD
    SWF Resources Extractor 2.0 Build 090615 PAD
    Fortop FLV Player 1.1 Build 80204 PAD
    Our affiliate policy
  • Affiliates should not submit our products to other websites by changing the product name or even using the same name of our products.
  • Any discount promotion of our products by affiliates should be authorized by Fortop Digital Software Corporation. Please contact us if you have any discount promotion plan.
  • It is not allowed to sell any of our products by affiliates on website which is related to auction, such as, eBay.