Fortop FLV Player

Fortop FLV Player is a powerful but completely FREE software to play Adobe Flash Video (FLV) files. It supports all versions of FLV videos with different codecs, including Screen Video, Soreson H.263, on2 vp6, etc. The Fortop FLV Player also supports changing window size at will, full-screen mode, comprehensive FLV information display, full keyboard shortcuts, and the most important is, it allows you to extract MP3 music from FLV videos.

Version: 1.1 Build 80204

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Key Features

  • Free FLV Player
  • Extract MP3 music from FLV videos
  • Supports all versions of FLV videos
  • Supports changing window size and full-screen mode
  • Full keyboard shortcuts

Fortop FLV Player

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"Your FLV player is truly excellent..."

— Hank Friedman

"Thanks for the use of your player - it's really neat!..."

— George Lykos


Main interface of Fortop FLV Player

Fortop FLV Player

Popup Menu

FLV Player Popup Menu


Fortop FLV Player supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. [CTRL+O] - open flv videos
  2. [SPACE] - toggle play/pause
  3. [CTRL+LEFT] - jump 5 seconds backward
  4. [CTRL+RIGHT] - jump 5 seconds forward
  5. [CTRL+UP] - increase volume
  6. [CTRL+DOWN] -decrease volume
  7. [CTRL-1] - zoom to 50%
  8. [CTRL-2] - zoom to 100%
  9. [CTRL-3] - zoom to 200%
  10. [CTRL-ENTER] - toggle fullscreen mode
  11. [ESC] - return from fullscreen mode/close window
  12. [CTRL-E] - extract mp3 from flv video
  13. [CTRL-I] - display flv information
  14. [CTRL-A] - display the about window


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