Pop FLV Players Comparison

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FLV is short for Flash Video, and presently FLV streaming video format is a new file with its extreme small size but even fast to load features. FLV makes watching video through network to be possible. Totally, FLV video format owns the following three major advantages:

Small size - For a clear FLV video file lasting around one minute, the file size is only 1MB, as well as 100MB for a movie, which is really a one third space of an ordinary video file.
Easy to download - you can download FLV files in three different kinds of ways: direct download, download tools and download from websites. Almost all current video websites with FLV file support these three methods.
Save system resources - there is no any senior system resource requirements to play FLV files, which in turn means the FLV files can also be played normally on a PC even with junior configuration.
As a consequence, FLV player, specially designed for FLV files, is a very small, free player with a fast running speed and additional functions.

So, in this article, we tested five FLV players as follows:
  • Riva FLV Player 1.2
  • Aunsoft FLV Player
  • Any FLV Player 2.5.0
  • Fortop FLV Player 1.1
  • BitComet FLV Player 1.4
The following is our test platform.

CPU:Intel Celeron 2.8GHz

Memory:Hynix 1GB

Hard Disk:ST3802110A (74 GB)

Graphic Card:Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller

Sound Card:Realtek AC97 Audio

4. Fortop FLV Player

Without a long developing history like Riva and rich additional functions as Any FLV Player, Fortop FLV Player is nearly a common player without any marketing reputation. However, it makes our sight bright and deserves special attention!
There are more abundant shortcut keys operations in Fortop FLV Player, including keys for volume control, schedule refinement, video window size adjustment as well as open and play keys. It seems the main menu bar would be useless for everything can be done by shortcut keys. Once those shortcut operations are well understood, it is definitely more convenient than clicking the menu bar. For any case you want that menu bar show up, right click in anywhere to do graphic settings.
Fortop FLV Player
Fortop FLV Player also sustains many video sizes and playing ratio adjustment and even 16:9 formats is under the application for wide screen play in PC or notebooks. Meanwhile, build-in FLV TO MP3 converter converts FLV to MP3 without any other audio quality loss. There is only one thing needs to be noticed, MP3 files after conversion cannot be played forward.
But what is worth mentioning, system resource occupation of Fortop FLV Player ranks No.1 in our test. Presently a few MB Memory cannot influence PC observably, but resource advantage in Fortop FLV Player do more or less prove its calculating features in FLV playing and decoding.
Aside from almost perfect function, there is also something unstable in Fortop FLV Player. Deadlock happened several times when we testing but would be turn normal after restarting. Hope it is a particular case.
Even Fortop FLV Player did not get a high score in function, whereas its practical application at least takes a well place in testing, for example rich shortcut key, MP3 output directly. Most of features users focused on are all well performed in it. The simple but beautiful interface leaves us a comfortable using experience.


  • Simple and beautiful interface
  • Direct MP3 output
  • Low resource occupation
  • 16:9 playing compatible
  • Complete shortcut keys.


  • unsteadiness


Harmonious balance within function and interface.


Pop FLV Players Comparison

BrotherSoft Editor's Pick: Fortop FLV Player

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Fortop FLV Player

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