How to download a flash file from website and extract images/sounds from it?

You may see many delicate flash movies when you explore the internet. Maybe you want to extract images/sounds from it sometimes. But how? Please follow me!
Let’s take an example: You find an interesting flash game from this page: and you want extract images/sounds from it.
At first, you should download the flash file. Please right click the blank area of the page, and use “View Source” in the popup menu to open the source file. Then find "swf". You may find this: Find Flash URL
Yes, " " is the URL of the flash file. You can copy it to a download tools to download the flash file.
Launch the Fortop SWF Resources Extractor and open the "transporter-truck.swf". You can see many images and sounds in the resources list pane of the software. SWF Resources List
Now, what you need is to select them and extract them!

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