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As we know, a "little hand" is used for shared folder icon in Windows XP/Vista and the earlier versions of Windows. But since Win7/2008, things have changed. Microsoft removed this useful feature. Feel a bit annoyed? Now use Win7 Shared Folder Icon to find back the feature! Furthermore, Win7 Shared Folder Icon enables you replace the "little hand" with many other icons for shared folder. You can also use this function in Windows XP/Vista.

Version: 1.0 Build 100227

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Good-looking interfaces, stable performance, higher efficiency and wide compatibility, all these guarantee the reputation of Windows 7, the newly-released OS of Microsoft. It presents to all users a well improved core and a number of changes in user interfaces and operation modes. Some of the changes, for example, the brand new System Taskbar and Start Menu, call for a procedure of adaptation, while some do need refining, such as the broadly-criticized icon design of shared folders.
Since Windows 95, we have been accustomed to an overlap hand icon on the shared folders in a LAN. This hand icon indicates that all the users in LAN have access to a folder.
Windows XP Share Folder Icon
In Windows 2000 and later systems, you can review and manage all the shared folders in your PC by Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Shared Folders/Shares. Long enough, right? To make it easy, you can do it this way: right click My Computer -> Manage -> Computer Management.
Windows XP Shared Folder Management
In Windows Vista, nothing has changed except the icon design. Two buddies take the place.
Windows Vista Shared Folder Icon
However, on the release of Windows 7, the users are surprised for the disappeared overlap icon of shared folders. You can still review all the shared folders by Computer Management/ Shared Folders/Shares. Once a shared folder is selected, you can find its state in the State Bar. Anyway, this is never as intuitive as an overlap icon.
Win7 Shared Folder Icon
According to some professional comments, this aims at a more user-friendly system by hiding unnecessary features. Right or wrong, Microsoft shows no intention to solve this issue. In this case, what can we do except turning to a 3rd party tool?
Win7 Shared Folder Icon is a tool that recovers the overlap icon for your shared folders in Windows 7. Install it and restart your PC as required, you will find all the shared folders with an overlap icon. Win7 Shared Folder Icon provides different icon designs for you to choose from.
Win7 Shared Folder Icon Screenshot
Win7 Shared Folder Icon also works in Windows 2000/XP/Vista systems, with which you can replace the default shared folder icon with your favorite one.
Win7 Shared Folder Icon is shareware, you can use it for free in 7 days. After the trail period, if you want to continue to use the software, you can purchase it. Press here to buy or use TrialPay to get Win7 Shared Folder Icon for free.


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